DaCE Helpline: 07768 997437

Photograph of a Council Tax bill and coins. is a useful website, which lists hundreds of different grants for disabled adults and children. You can search by national and local areas and the website sends out a free monthly newsletter. Website Link:

Turn2Us also has a grant finder for financial support for people who need it. You can seach using different categories including postcode, occupation and health: Website: Turn2Us

Family Fund offers support with essential items to families raising a disabled, or seriously ill child, or young person (aged 17 or under). A short video about the fund is below: Family Fund website

Council tax support Carlisle: Carlisle City Council have two schemes for people stuggling to pay their Council Tax, you can find out more about these schemes from the following links: Council Tax Reduction Scheme / Covid-19 Hardship Support grant.

Photograph of three peoples arms, they are all holding a jar of coins.

Grants: Eden The Fairhill Estate Charity is open to residents from Alston Moor and is listed by the Charity Commission as a charity for the relief of poverty. During the current Covid-19 crisis applications are especially welcome from anyone experiencing hardship. Alston United Charities Is a small charity for residents of the civil parish of Alston Moor, who are ‘in a condition of hardship or distress’. We make grants of up to £250 to individuals, to assist with financial difficulties, health issues or disabilities, and in urgent cases can usually make a decision and issue a grant within 48 hours.
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