Personal Health Budgets

We support people who are interested in accessing a personal health budget in Cumbria, making sure that individuals have the information and guidance they need to organise their own support.

“The Children’s Community Nurse along with DaCE Cumbria staff sorted everything out for me and the package has totally changed our lives as a family. We were reluctant about it at first because of the illness and needs of my child and other things going on in the family, but we are so glad we did as it has made such a difference, everyone is happier and less stressed”

Gemma D, West Cumbria.

Services we offer:

Personal Health Budgets are a way of personalising care, based around what matters to an individual. It is an amount of money to support identified healthcare and wellbeing needs, which is planned and agreed between the individual and the Clinical Commissioning group. Personal Health Budgets give people more choice and control over how their health and wellbeing needs are met.  

How can I find out more?

If you are interested in taking up a Personal Health Budget please contact one of our co-ordinators who would be happy to explain how things work (contact information is below).

Contact us

  • Service Manager, Lynn Craig 01946 822444 email:
  • Independent Living Co-ordinators:
  • West, Angela Woodburn: 01946 825550
  • Barrow, Debbie Hutchinson: 07787 436783
  • South Lakes, Chris Thorpe: 07780 989200
  • North Cumbria, Gary Smith: 07900546302

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