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Tel: 01228 317010

We offer free and impartial welfare benefits advice to disabled people in Carlisle and Eden. 

During the current crisis please be aware that we are offering a limited telephone advice service.  This means that it may take some time to respond to your enquiry and it may not be possible to take on your case.  If we can’t help you we will do our best to refer you to other sources of help. To access the benefits advice service please call 01228 317010, leave a message on our answering machine and we will call you back.

Our highly skilled and experienced advisers provide help with all aspects of claiming and maintaining benefits, including PIP, ESA, universal credit, and Carer’s allowance.  We undertake regular training to ensure that we keep on top of the changes in benefits legislation and to help us advise on more challenging and difficult cases.

We offer a full benefit assessment, help with filling in claim forms; and support with challenging decisions and going to appeal.  As the benefits system becomes increasingly challenging and complex, and as awards are being reassessed more frequently our service offers expert advice and support through all stages of the process. 

Many people with physical and mental health problems are facing the prospect of their benefits being reduced or refused.  We understand how frightening and stressful this can be, and our clients attest to the value of our support at this time.

Case study

James had worked full time for many years in a rewarding managerial job.  His redundancy after 30 years of full employment came as a huge shock to him and triggered a significant mental breakdown.  His doctor had referred him to us for help as his claim for PIP had been refused.  In spite of being housebound due to anxiety and depression and experiencing self neglect and suicidal thoughts, the PIP assessment had identified no significant difficulties with daily living activities and awarded no points.

We met James and talked through the criteria for the benefit.  We found that he should have scored points across a range of activities.  We agreed that we would represent him at an appeal.  We contacted his GP who offered a letter of support, and submitted an appeal on his behalf.  We prepared a written submission for the Tribunal, outlining the main areas we wanted them to consider at the hearing.

9 months later, we accompanied James to the hearing.  He was awarded the highest level of the daily living component and the standard level of the mobility component, and this was backdated to the decision date.  James said that it would have been impossible to cope without the support offered by DaCE Cumbria. 

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DaCE Cumbria, Welfare Benefits Service

Tel: 01228 317010

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